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Our innovators are social entrepreneurs and worker leaders. They are problem-solvers and policy wonks. They are on the ground and imagining solutions to problems as they encounter them. They are visioning today what the future of work will be.  They are committed to social justice, equity, and inclusion. They are the inheritors of 20th century problems and the creators of 21st century solutions.

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Building a Strategic Partnership for OSH Enforcement

LOHP will partner with NELP to promote a Strategic Enforcement Partnership (SEP) between workers’ rights organizations and Cal OSHA-- the state agency charged with enforcing health and safety protections.

Strategy: Worker Education


Fall 2019_CTUL-1

Building Dignity and Respect in the Minnesota Construction Industry

CTUL's Construction Campaign has spent the last 2+ years researching the industry, connecting with often-isolated workers and developing their leadership, and cultivating relationships with other stakeholders including building trades unions and the end users of major real estate projects.

Strategy: Policy Advocacy, Organizing or Activism


Fall 2020_Carina

Stabilizing Childcare Workers’ Incomes through Care Matching

Implementing a secure, scalable, accessible, and accountable child care platform in English and Spanish that matches families needing care with unionized family child care providers so they can remain open.

Strategy: Technology Product, Narrative Change


COVID Chatbot_ Enforcing Safety Standards

COVID Chatbot: Enforcing Safety Standards

To build a chatbot to enable workers in Virginia to navigate prompts to determine whether their employer is likely violating COVID-19 workplace protections and how to report and seek help.

Strategy: Technology  Product
Agriculture, Forestry, Farming & Fishing, Construction, Food service, Hospitality & Accommodation, Meatpacking and food processing


Fall 2020_Drivers Seat

People-Powered Analytics for the Gig Economy

We collaborate with gig workers to build the tools and organization they need to unlock the monetary and strategic value of the data they create through their labor.

Strategy: Technology Product, Narrative Change
Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing


Spring 2020_FFRP-1

The Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program

Workforce development program for returning citizens to build on their fire camp experience once they reenter the workforce.

Strategy: Job & Skills Training, Job Placement
Agriculture, Forestry, Farming & Fishing, Public Administration, Real Estate, Recreational, Social Assistance, Utilities


Spring 2020_FreeFrom

Survivor Work Safety Lab

FreeFrom leverages technology and innovation to create pathways to financial security and long-term safety for survivors of gender-based violence.

Strategy:  Organizing or Activism, Narrative Change


Janitors Meet the COVID-19 Challenge

Infectious Disease Certification (IDC) Program

BSP’s Infectious Disease Certification provides COVID-19 centered training to upskill underserved immigrant janitors during a time of economic crisis and enable commercial buildings and businesses to safely reopen.

Strategy: Job  & Skills Training
Janitorial/Property Service


Healing Voices

Healing Voices Project

“Healing Voices” is a program using technology to bring farmworkers together in support groups to heal trauma, build agency and mobilize workers to address threats to their health and safety.

Strategy: Narrative Change
Agriculture, Forestry, Farming & Fishing


Spring 2020_Leap Fund

Solving the Benefits Cliff

Leap Fund is a financial solution that lifts people over the benefits cliff, creating a path towards self-sufficiency and financial independence.

Strategy: Research, Tool or Framework Development, Technology Product
Food service, Healthcare, Homecare, Hospitality & Accommodation, Manufacturing, Professional and business services


Fall 2019_Migrant Jutice

Milk with Dignity

The Milk with Dignity program is transforming the dairy industry, creating enforceable standards for dignified work and housing. Migrant Justice enlists dairy companies to sign legally-binding agreements committing to source from farms that enroll in Milk with Dignity and pay a premium that farmers use to improve conditions.

Strategy: Research, Tool or Framework Development
Agriculture, Forestry, Farming & Fishing, Food service, Retail/Wholesale, Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing, Food processing


Fall 2019_Co-op Dayton

The Movement for a Cooperative Economy in America’s Rustbelt

Co-op Dayton was founded by labor, faith, and community coming together to rebuild our blue collar city by supporting business models that empower workers and address gaps in goods and services in our neighborhoods.

Strategy: Worker Ownership or Co-ops
Construction, Manufacturing


Mississippi Essential Workers’ Justice Project

Mississippi Essential Workers Justice Project

Improve health and safety and working conditions for Black and brown essential workers in the MS Delta through establishing a first of its kind occupational health clinic and organizing center.

Strategy: Research, Tool or Framework Development
Food service, Healthcare, Homecare, Hospitality & Accommodation, Manufacturing, Retail/Wholesale, Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing

Fall 2019_City Roots

New Deal Coop Center for Home Improvement

City Roots Contracting Guild is a worker owned cooperative that provides general condition construction labor to multifamily and commercial projects in New York City.

Strategy: Worker Ownership or Co-ops

Nurse to Innovator Project

Nurse to Innovator Program

We will link Nurse Innovators to Makers in a binational ecosystem with the goal to transform the healthcare setting via tech solutions, protecting individual’s health and safety amidst the pandemic.

Strategy: Technology Product
Healthcare, Technology


Fall 2019_WW


Led by Working Washington, #PayUp is a national campaign comprised of digital gig workers organizing to raise pay and set standards for their industry. Our digital-centered approach has allowed us to build the largest community of app-based delivery workers in the country (more than 10,000 and growing daily), primarily from food or grocery delivery platforms like Instacart, DoorDash, and Postmates.

Strategy: Policy Advocacy, Organizing or Activism
Gig Economy, Technology


Fall 2020_WWRC-1

High Road Green Logistics Training Center Project

Preparing working class people in the Inland Empire for the transition to green logistics jobs through training in installation, maintenance and operation of zero emission technologies at high road companies.

Strategy: Job & Skills Training
Transportation, Logistics & Warehousing


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