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Our innovators are social entrepreneurs and worker leaders. They are problem-solvers and policy wonks. They are on the ground and imagining solutions to problems as they encounter them. They are visioning today what the future of work will be.  They are committed to social justice, equity, and inclusion. They are the inheritors of 20th century problems and the creators of 21st century solutions.

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Led by Working Washington, #PayUp is a national campaign comprised of digital gig workers organizing to raise pay and set standards for their industry. Our digital-centered approach has allowed us to build the largest community of app-based delivery workers in the country (more than 10,000 and growing daily), primarily from food or grocery delivery platforms like Instacart, DoorDash, and Postmates.

Strategy: Organizing or Activism Policy Advocacy

Axis Helps

Business ownership can be both empowering and challenging. The need to make technical assistance and financial resources easier to access - especially for small business owners and aspiring small business owners who are also Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) - is clear. Axis Helps works to pair entrepreneurs in South Florida with the available resources that are best for their business venture. The goal: To support BIPOC business ownership and their success.

Not industry-specific,

Building a Strategic Partnership for OSH Enforcement

LOHP will partner with NELP to promote a Strategic Enforcement Partnership (SEP) between workers' rights organizations and Cal OSHA-- the state agency charged with enforcing health and safety protections.

Strategy: Worker Education
Not industry-specific,

Building Dignity and Respect in the Minnesota Construction Industry

CTUL's Construction Campaign has spent the last 2+ years researching the industry, connecting with often-isolated workers and developing their leadership, and cultivating relationships with other stakeholders including building trades unions and the end users of major real estate projects.

Strategy: Policy Advocacy

CA Food Service Workers' Cooperative

California's Food Service Industry Workers have suffered tremendously in 2020. In addition to the passing of Prop 22 and other attacks on worker-protections, over one million restaurant workers have now lost their jobs due to COVID-19. One Fair Wage is launching a statewide worker-owned cooperative food hub with delivery that offers equitable employment opportunities, including better wages and working conditions, with the explicit mission of centering worker voices and uniting food service workers throughout CA

Strategy: Worker Ownership or Co-ops
Food Service,


CalFLEXI is committed to developing technology platforms for hourly labor, built around protections, control, ongoing relationships, and progression that are launched at scale by public agencies. Their current focus is extending the CalFLEXI platform into other parts of California for both responsive childcare and other sectors of work.

Strategy: Technology Product

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