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CA Food Service Workers' Cooperative

California's Food Service Industry Workers have suffered tremendously in 2020. In addition to the passing of Prop 22 and other attacks on worker-protections, over one million restaurant workers have now lost their jobs due to COVID-19. One Fair Wage is launching a statewide worker-owned cooperative food hub with delivery that offers equitable employment opportunities, including better wages and working conditions, with the explicit mission of centering worker voices and uniting food service workers throughout CA

Strategy: Worker Ownership or Co-ops
Food Service,


Project Details

Worker Target: Food service and gig workers

Innovation Fund Cycle: Fall 2020

Status: Finalist,

Organization Type: Nonprofit Organization,

Stage of Development: Solution,

What We're Asking:

  • How can we grow our cooperative in a way that ensures active democratic participation and solidarity amongst worker-owners in the coop so that no one feels left behind? How can our worker-owners collectively envision a future without extractive gig companies, and how would we achieve that? How do we better facilitate the worker-owner envisioning process? How much can worker owners get paid per hour and still keep the business viable?