Our Innovators


CalFLEXI is committed to developing technology platforms for hourly labor, built around protections, control, ongoing relationships, and progression that are launched at scale by public agencies. Their current focus is extending the CalFLEXI platform into other parts of California for both responsive childcare and other sectors of work.

Strategy: Technology Product


Project Details

Worker Target: Child Care workers and parents

Innovation Fund Cycle: Fall 2020

Status: Applicant,

Organization Type: Nonprofit Organization,

Stage of Development: Implementation,

What We're Asking:

  • What does worker power mean for gig workers in the childcare industry? How is this the same or different than workers accessing more traditional models of employment in this industry? What does scaled access to work opportunities look like for gig workers, especially gig workers of color? What does sustainability and scale look like for this technology-enabled multi-stakeholder initiative?