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Learning is at the core of what we do at The Workers Lab. Our Learning Hub is a tool that helps make sense of everything we're learning from our investments. It is meant to inform future investments and to engage anyone and everyone interested in what it means to give new ideas that increase power for workers a chance to succeed and flourish.

Our Learning Hub will curate and house our learning, offer resources and mentorship, and showcase innovators that are giving life to the most promising ideas aimed at increasing power for workers.


Briefing: Improving Access to Unemployment Insurance for Gig Workers

For the first time, gig workers are eligible for unemployment benefits as a result of pandemic relief legislation passed in 2020 - but getting those benefits has been challenging. We've designed an experiment to improve the delivery of unemployment benefits to gig workers. Learn more about this effort and watch our recent briefing.




Learn more about The Workers Lab's accomplishments since inception and review highlights of recent investments and innovations.

Our Innovators

Our innovators are defined by their pursuit of making workers the drivers of economic, political, and cultural transformation.

Discover the innovators who are giving life to the most promising new ideas aimed at increasing power for workers. 


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Explore everything we’re learning from our investments, including case studies, fact sheets, reports, best practices, and recordings.


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