Learning Hub

Information Sharing for Innovators


    Connecting Innovators to Best Practices and Each Other

    At The Workers Lab, we believe that sharing knowledge is core to building worker power.

    Our new Learning Hub is a tool for social entrepreneurs, funders, organizers, public sector leaders, and worker leaders for engaging and uplifting promising new ideas and innovations.

    Here, we'll identify, collect, and share best practices as a learning community of innovators. Our goals:

    • To deepen our shared understanding of how to build worker power
    • To collaborate across communities, geographies, and sectors
    • To bridge knowledge and representation gaps
    • To increase access to funding, tools, and networks

    Sharing Our Learnings

    In the Learning Hub, we'll host events and resources designed to share best practices for power building through the lens of participatory design and innovation. Future content will include:

    • Webinars, virtual workshops, and panel discussions 
    • Fact sheets
    • Reports
    • Case studies 

    Applying What We Know

    For social entrepreneurs, investors and leaders, the Learning Hub is here for you to:

    • Engage new ideas 
    • Access funding
    • Connect with partners
    • Launch your projects

    We’re excited to increase access to and awareness of innovative, replicable programs that build worker power through the Learning Hub.

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    Watch a Learning Briefing

    Review our December 2020 panel discussion about co-ops. Learn more and get the link below.

    Watch the Briefing

    What You Have to Say

    In a recent survey of our network of innovators, you told us the types of information you'd like to receive in the Learning Hub. The top resources you're looking for include:

    • Professional mentorship and skills building (60 percent)
    • Insights from previous winners of The Innovation Fund (58 percent)
    • Information about social entrepreneurship in general (40 percent) 

    If you have a resource to share or an information request to make, email us at learninghub@theworkerslab.com.


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