Your Advice is Needed to Build Worker Power!

by Tiffany Ferguson, on February 21, 2020 at 8:00 AM

We are all in this together

If you’re reading this blog, you care about working people. The drive to improve workers’ lives and build worker power includes a wide range of individuals and organizations with great ideas. Some of these ideas are very established programs and some are in the earliest idea stage. As part of the effort, The Workers Lab invests in experiments and innovative ideas in varying stages of development and implementation. Our purpose is to give new ideas about increasing worker power a chance to succeed and flourish.

Where do you fit in?

Where do you fit into increasing worker power, and how can we support? In order to better serve the community of individuals and organizations who care about working people, we’d like to know more about who you are, what aspect of worker power you’re involved in, and how we can help you realize your ideas. 

Help us help you! If you have 5 minutes, please respond to our short survey. We’ll use the results to determine where you are in the effort to improve worker power, which will help us build better content and share the most pertinent information.  

Get started today

You may know The Workers Lab because of our Innovation Fund, or you met staff at an event, participated in a convening, or know of the amazing innovators that we’ve collaborated with over the years. No matter how or when we met, we want to get to know you better as our organization grows and seeks out new partnerships, collaborations, and innovative ideas.

Take the first step in building that relationship by taking this survey! By better supporting you, we can better support the effort to build worker power. 


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