Workers matter. Workers matter in companies and organizations, in our economy, and in our communities. We don’t hear that often enough these days, but it’s true. Despite the choices made over the last few decades that have cast many workers and their families aside, workers still hold the promise to drive transformation in our society.

Today, we need new leaders with new ideas to help unlock the potential of every worker to participate in shaping how our society works. 

That’s why our purpose at The Workers Lab is to give new ideas about increasing worker power a chance to succeed and flourish. We do this by investing flexible dollars in a national network of leaders (we call them innovators) to test their new ideas, to learn from them, and to share those learnings with other leaders who are making choices that impact work and workers. 


Power matters, too. And workers need it, not only to drive the major changes our society needs, but also to achieve the outcomes that they envision for themselves and their families. Power can increase the ability of workers to ensure their jobs sustain their safety, security, and wellbeing. It can also increase the ability of workers to play a more active, transformative role at work, at home, and in society at large. We must increase power for workers, for the betterment of their lives and that of our collective future. 

The Innovation Fund

Provides innovators with money and support to try out their ideas. (You just have to share what you’re learning!)

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Design Sprints

Engages a diverse set of partners to develop and pilot solutions for workers.

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What’s Your Idea?

Do you have a new idea and a passion for supporting workers? We are looking for new ideas from people like you. We especially welcome innovators of color, women and LGBTQ+ to apply for The Innovation Fund or pitch your idea for our next Design Sprint.



Our donors understand the power of promising new ideas, and they value our focus on innovation, our willingness to take risks, and our ability to forge partnerships across sectors. Together, we are transforming the worker power landscape.


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Donate Now

Workers are still experiencing devastating financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unemployment remains high and access to meaningful relief is limited, especially for gig and low-earning contract workers. To help people in need of emergency cash for basics such as food and shelter, please give to THE WORKERS FUND today.

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