Letter From The Workers Lab Interim CEO Adrian Haro

by Adrian Haro, on November 3, 2019 at 2:14 PM
Letter From The Workers Lab Interim CEO Adrian Haro (2)

Today is my first day as the Interim Chief Executive Officer of The Workers Lab. I feel humbled and honored by this opportunity and immensely grateful to Carmen and our board of directors for entrusting me to lead the organization at this important time in our trajectory.

For those of you who don’t know me, I want to tell you about my  parents' story, because it is what drives me to do this work. My parents came to the U.S. as teenagers and met at a textile factory where my mom sewed and my dad swept the floors. My dad eventually became a manager at the textile factory, and my mom opened a neighborhood dry cleaning business.

In the early 2000s, my dad's job and our family's security disappeared overseas. Already in his late 50s, my dad struggled to find work. Eventually, he took a janitorial job at a middle school in our neighborhood. The job came with a living wage, medical benefits, and a retirement plan. This job saved him and our family.

All workers deserve this kind of security. That's why it's been a unique privilege for me to help build and grow The Workers Lab, an organization dedicated to giving new ideas about increasing worker power a chance to succeed and flourish.  

The Work Continues

Prior to joining The Workers Lab, my career was focused on helping people and building organizations. I did this as a field organizer for President Obama, as a speechwriter to U.S. Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, and working with numerous non-profits at Civitas Public Affairs Group.

As Managing Director ofThe Workers Lab, I was proud to be part of the leadership team that oversaw a two-fold increase in our budget and team. I also guided our staff and key stakeholders through a strategic analysis of what we've learned over the past five years and what challenges we may face in the years to come. Later this month, we'll unveil what we've learned and implement our new strategy.

I am committed to bringing all of my energy and experience to this new role. I’m so happy.   Over the next six months, I will work closely with our board and team to find a permanent CEO and look forward to keeping you updated.

- Adrian Haro, Interim CEO The Workers Lab 

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