Fast Company Recognizes Winning Ideas for Workers Coming Back

by The Workers Lab, on February 22, 2021 at 3:07 PM

The Workers Lab and CEO Adrian Haro are in the news. A profile from Fast Company highlights The Innovation Fund’s winners from the Fall 2020 grant cycle and shares our vision of worker power.

The Fast Company article features Adrian Haro, CEO, who speaks to the resilience and innovation of workers coming back from the impacts of COVID-19. Haro says: 

“We’re really excited to announce these winners, which span the industries of childcare, logistics, and big platform work—all industries which the pandemic has changed, and from which we hope to learn about where opportunity can be found in the crisis, and how those new ideas can help us recover.”

The three winners, Carina, Driver’s Seat Cooperative, and Warehouse Worker Resource Center, have each received $150,000 from The Innovation Fund. From over 500 applicants, these three winners answered our call for ideas that address job quality and shared prosperity, especially in rural communities.

The winning ideas from The Innovation Fund Fall 2020 competition protect and support not only workers, but also their families and communities. Their projects focus on worker training, shared prosperity, job quality, and harness technology to benefit workers beyond the pandemic. As with all the social impact investments made by The Innovation Fund, The Workers Lab will follow, observe, record, and share the learnings from these winning experiments.

The article closes with a final consideration from Adrian: 

“The money is a first step… This next year we will continue to partner with these folks to learn as much as we can about what they’re doing, but also what that means for our field, what that means for labor, and what that means for our economy.”

Read about the winning ideas for workers on Fast Company.

Calling for Winning Ideas for Workers

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