We've invested more than $11 million in nearly 100 innovations

by Adrian Haro, on December 22, 2021 at 7:45 AM

The Workers Lab is excited to announce the release of our 2021 Snapshot of Accomplishments that offers a brief look at the organization’s programs and history along with a sampling of our accomplishments over the last year. This high-level report offers insights into the track record with each of our programs, including our Innovation Fund, our investments in strategic opportunities, and our Learning Hub. 

Of note, since our inception, The Workers Lab has invested more than $11 million in nearly 100 innovations that are addressing diverse and complex challenges workers are facing and making a dramatic impact across the country. Our Innovation Fund alone has made direct investments in more than 75 innovators, including through offering technical assistance, mentoring, and strategic support. 


The Workers Lab serves as a vehicle for the entire field of worker advocates to collaborate, explore, and experiment with new ideas for and with workers, and this report outlines our work and successes in various endeavors. We’re honored to have the opportunity to bring together workers, investors, employers, and governments to support worker-led innovation, and this report provides an excellent recap of what investing in worker innovations look like and means. 

Topics: Learning Hub