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Our innovators are social entrepreneurs and worker leaders. They are problem-solvers and policy wonks. They are on the ground and imagining solutions to problems as they encounter them. They are visioning today what the future of work will be.  They are committed to social justice, equity, and inclusion. They are the inheritors of 20th century problems and the creators of 21st century solutions.

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Mississippi Essential Workers Justice Project

Improve health and safety and working conditions for Black and brown essential workers in the MS Delta through establishing a first of its kind occupational health clinic and organizing center.

Healthcare, Homecare, Hospitality & Accommodation, Manufacturing, Retail/Wholesale,

New Deal Coop Center for Home Improvement

City Roots Contracting Guild is a worker owned cooperative that provides general condition construction labor to multifamily and commercial projects in New York City.

Strategy: Worker Ownership or Co-ops

New Economy Initiative

The IDG New Economy Initiative engages workers in developing and executing strategies to transform the rideshare platform sector through worker ownership.

Strategy: Worker Education

Next STEPs to Success

Homebridge provides on-the-job paid training to its 300+ member homecare workforce who deliver services through San Francisco's In-Home Supportive Services program. Homebridge is developing a three-tiered 'on the job' training curriculum in collaboration with the City College of San Francisco that would enable participants to receive Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification while continuing to work and earn wages ranging from $18.50 to $19.50 per hour. CNAs in San Francisco earn $22 to $25 per hour. The program also includes career coaching, mentoring, evaluation, and securing state authorization.

Strategy: Job & Skills Training

Nurse to Innovator Program

We will link Nurse Innovators to Makers in a binational ecosystem with the goal to transform the healthcare setting via tech solutions, protecting individual's health and safety amidst the pandemic.

Strategy: Technology Product
Healthcare, Technology,

NY Language Services Worker Co-Op Project

African Communities Together (ACT) will incubate and launch three worker-owned, language service co-ops to serve African, Asian, and indigenous Latin Americans who speak languages that are not spoken widely (Languages of Limited Diffusion or LLDs). Translation services for these individuals are frequently cost prohibitive and are not widely available, leaving individuals who speak these languages vulnerable. ACT will develop a replicable model that includes recruiting, training, certifying, and providing ongoing support to worker-owners.

Strategy: Job & Skills Training
Educational Services,

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