Our Mentoring Program

Supporting the next generation of worker innovators

Teeing up the Talent of Tomorrow, Today

We are proud to be a majority first-generation, majority queer, majority person of color team. Who we are means a lot to us. Our identity informs our values, how and who we fund, and how we learn. It also inspires an obligation to support and empower the next generation of worker innovators. 

For these reasons, we are proud to launch a mentoring program at The Workers Lab. Our mentoring program will pair seasoned innovators with those just starting out, to inspire them and to demonstrate that the work of innovation is achievable by everyone, from all walks of life.

How Our Mentoring Program Works


Express Your Interest

Use the form below to let us know you're interested in being either a mentor or a mentee. Please know that completing this form isn't a commitment, we're simply looking for interest at this time.

We'll Find Your Match

On the form below, be sure to thoughtfully describe what you have to offer as a mentor or what kind of help you imagine you need as a mentee. As interest in our mentoring program grows, we'll begin to try to find your match.

You Work Together

Once we've found your match and verified that you both are still interested and available for mentoring, we'll connect you. Then your work begins! We ask participants to commit to a minimum of two hours of time together per month for one year.

Sign Up for Our Mentoring Program

Interested in being matched with a mentor or helping out an emerging innovator? We're eager to connect you to your mentoring match. Use the form below to let us know how you'd like to participate in this program. Be sure to describe, specifically, what skills or areas of support you are offering as a mentor, or that you need as a mentee.

Questions before you begin? Email us at learninghub@theworkerslab.com.


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