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Our learning informs our programs, investment strategies, and our future work - and we realize it can help inform your work, too. Our Knowledge Bank houses a curated set of resources, reports, analyses, and insights we’ve gained firsthand. We’re also proud to share the learnings from our partners here as well.

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Worker Co-ops

Worker Co-ops are organizational structures in which workers share ownership and decision-making. This model has the potential to increase worker power and well-being. Here's what we're learning about co-ops.

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Co-op Learning Brief
Co-ops: What They Are & What We’re Learning

Gig Workers

"Gig workers" include domestic workers, farmworkers, and rideshare or food delivery drivers. They often go without benefits such as minimum wage, unemployment protections, and health insurance. See how we are innovating the use of emergency cash to help meet basic needs.

Case Study: Making Sense of Emergency Cash for Workers
TWL Benefits for Gig Workers-Report Part 1 Graphic
How gig workers shaped a tech solutions to improve access to safety net benefits - Part 1

Innovation Trends

What ideas to increase worker power are bubbling up? Where? And where are the gaps? Find out what the landscape looks like from our vantage point and learn about trends in worker innovation alongside us.

Emergency Cash Canary WDP Test Feb 2022
How Worker Leaders Are Meeting The Need For Emergency Cash While Building Their Organizations
Feb 2022 Independent Revenue Generation Case Study Image
Independent Revenue Generation Case Study Spring 2022
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