Bringing winning civil rights organizing strategies to tech

Color Of Change is the largest online racial justice organization that runs powerful campaigns to create change.

Color Of Change leads effective and transformative digital advocacy campaigns against everyone from politicians and international corporations to film executives.  The next era of their work is focused on moving the tech industry.  After the election, we took note of the wave of tech employees' political action at tech companies and reached out to Color Of Change to collaborate on exploring new ways to tap into this energy and leverage innovative organizing strategies to build power for working people in tech.  

Together we co-hosted a salon of tech CEO’s and investors to begin exploring what organizing could look like in the Silicon Valley.

The salon uncovered an appetite for deeper campaigns, particularly around mobilizing high-skilled software engineers and designers who have in-demand skill sets and powerful influence within their companies. They can often demand better conditions in solidarity with gig workers and other contractors because talent-hungry managers are desperate to keep their engineers.  Moving forward, we’re working with Color Of Change to find the right short-term campaigns, which could build the political will and base for success


Summary of Support

Managed + Funded first Salon


Key Milestone

Received interest in participation from major leaders across the tech industry, including CEOs and investors.